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Memorial created 06-4-2008 by
Jeffrey Lambert
Laura Rachel Allan
February 1 1952 - May 19 2008

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07-29-2008 6:22 PM -- By: Nancy Feinberg,  From: Berkeley, CA  

Laura, I remember you visiting my sister Ruthy Feinberg at our home, during high school.  Later, you joined a backpacking trip with me and Jan Shordike on the Tahoe Yosemite trail.  You created beautiful music. love, Nancy


07-29-2008 4:05 PM -- By: Bill Craig,  From: Napa  


I guess it was fitting that Laura’s memorial had the unexpected effect (at least I wasn’t expecting it) of bringing so many old friends back together after so many years, but the girl always did have draw. And I guess I was expecting something more somber, more Gregorian, something uncharacteristically Laura Allan. There were old friends to talk about Laura, to explain her, to eulogize her, but the star of the show was Laura herself, or rather a performance video of her done two years ago. I felt a slight dread at the announcement of the video, and there was a fumble with the computer which put me on edge; I anticipated being saddened by it, but watching her video was surprisingly pleasurable; in fact uncanny - I had the vague feeling that she was really there, up on stage in front of us. She still looked like the Laura we all knew, she was still beautiful, she still had that beautiful voice, that facile turn of phrase – it was like she would get down from the stage, walk over and say: “I’m glad you guys came ‘cause I want to do a project-o.” Later, looking at the pictures of the young Laura, I realized that she had aged, (like we all have) just that she had aged beautifully and gracefully, perhaps more so than the rest of us. Everyone always knew she was charmed, fair of coloring and hair, but it was more than that: if there had been a shadow edge to her specular highlight, maybe a little bitchiness, you might expect that of one so beautiful, but there was not. She always approached openly, without guile; innocent. At least, that’s the way I remember her.
Bill Craig

07-29-2008 3:13 PM -- By: mary gannon alfiler,  From: Kaua'i  

Laura sang the blues on dulcimer. I loved singing with her in the Street Choir as well as watching her and DIckens Bascom fall in love on the plane to Puerto Rico.  Later, on the beach, she was the first woman  (I ever saw)  do a perfect ten head stand on the beach in the buff totally confident.  Much 'aloha' to her family and friends.

07-27-2008 4:55 PM -- By: Hope Levy,  From: Los Angeles  

I just heard about the passing of this beautiful talented songbird. I met her when I was around seven years old living in Woodacre. I had the priviledge of singing and actually recording a song of hers  called "Gather Together".  I remember thinking what a beautiful person she was to look at and listen to...sooooo very sorry to hear about this loss....

07-24-2008 7:07 PM -- By: Michael Guglielmo,  From: East Hampton, NY  

I met Laura inside the music when I spontaneously sat in with her and Mark at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett .  Her music spoke of gentleness, compassion, light, and love.  Laura's beautiful voice and musicianship was a channel of peace and love.

Today on  July 24, 2008 I phoned Laura to ask her if she would consider a band situation for a European tour.  Her phone was busy, so I looked for her online and found her memorial.  I was stunned, but as the day went on I realized Laura was called for a higher gig.  I hear Laura's music now showering her Divine Heart of Love on humanity inviting them to feel her calling, ALL IN ONE & ONE IN ALL.

Thank you for your love.  Everytime I drum, my cymbals will ring for you. 



07-24-2008 2:15 AM -- By: Katie Kemble,  From:  

What a shock,

I just spent several hours driving in the car listening and singing along to Laura's music. I've been playing her song 'Gather Together' for about 30+ years now. I thought I'd try finding her and found this instead.

I started the EASE Cancer Foundation last year. This news certainly brings me more conviction on that road I started down. My thoughts go to her friends and families. She sure has touched many of us.


07-22-2008 3:50 PM -- By: Nico Morris,  From: Marin Co.  


 I wish I could have said goodbye in person, the love you showed will always be with me and the beauty of her music will resonate in my soal. Thank ytou for touching my life

and your bright spirit        Nico

07-22-2008 2:51 PM -- By: Lynn Roth,  From:  

 Laura, the sweetest voice and loveliest smile, never to be forgotten. You graced the stage with ethereal light from the heavens, and now you reside there. Sadly and wonderfully your spirit will bring us together once more to rejoice in having known you, even if briefly. I will forever, in my mind, dance "Smilin'.... and see Your "dimples show".


07-22-2008 1:11 PM -- By: Heidi,  From: Novato, CA  

The sweetest voice to ever come up on my ipod.....such a beautiful jewel. I always thought I'd get the chance to tell you just how much your music touched my soul. I guess I'll tell you on the other side....Play your heartstrings in heaven, Laura, and know you will always be heard. Heidi

07-22-2008 1:04 AM -- By: Joellen Lapidus,  From: Los Angeles  

Laura and I profoundly affected each other's lives.  Her imprint is on my soul, my music and my creativity. 

07-21-2008 2:32 PM -- By: Carole Devitt,  From: Napa, CA  

In Loving Memory of Laura

I heard about Laura 's passing just a few days ago and I remember being with her in the choir. She always sang like an angel and was beautiful inside and out. She's in a beautiful place now and I'll miss her.


Carole Devitt (formerly Carole Alexander

07-21-2008 9:59 AM -- By: Mark Schneider,  From: Penngrove, CA  

Dear one....

Always alive in love....



07-20-2008 3:08 PM -- By: Ben Fong-Torres,  From:  

To friends & family of the wonderful Laura: I devoted my most recent column/blog at TVLand.com to memories of her, her music and her spirit. It's under "Blogs," and includes a nice photo of us with Willie Nelson.

With love to Laura and her family--Ben Fong-Torres

07-20-2008 1:20 PM -- By: Phillip Lee Morgan,  From: Laguna Beach, Ca.  

Laura was a treasured friend and a great inspiration. Our musical paths crossed in many places, many times.... and she never ceased to amaze me with her talent, her beauty, her spirit, and her unparalled creative drive. My heart is broken, but I know she is an angel somewhere (she always was)......

07-19-2008 11:54 PM -- By: Lee Owens,  From: Hendersonville, TN  

The first time I saw Laura's face was in David Crosby's album and then I heard that wonderful zither in "Traction in the Rain".  It changed the atmosphere of the song entirely.  I have loved that song for thirty-plus years.   Then I heard Laura's album and fell in love with her all over again with "Opening up to you" and "Stairway" .  I had a difficult time finding "Hold on to your dreams" and "Telegraph" in the new millenium but searched them out and paid through the nose for them and was happy to get them.  Now I hear of her tragic passing.  I hope with all my heart she found peace and love in her life.  It is such a difficult thing for all of us to find.  It sounds as if she did so and if so I am glad.  I know she has climbed the "stairway leading us to a deeper meaning" now.  I wish her close family and friends peace, love and light from the "mid-coast" of Nashville. 


07-19-2008 1:08 AM -- By: Mickey McGowan,  From: San Rafael  

Thank you , dear Laura , renaissance lady. We still hear your lovely zither echoing through the hills of Marin, spreading your joy and spirit,

07-18-2008 2:56 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 hoping to celebrate Laura at the memorial. So many memories of the FSC coming back.

Patty (one of the sopranos)

07-18-2008 1:44 PM -- By: Desda Zuckerman,  From: Novato, CA  

Meeting Laura Allan changed my life. I auditioned for the Fairfax Street  Choir on her invitation and discovered a whole new way to be with music. I sang in the soprano section with her often standing right next to her or across from her, smiling at her shining eyes while we sang.  Her songs were angelic and had a sweetness that reflected a deeper part of her. She was the whole package, looks, soulfulness, musicality and so much talent! It was a great education, a privialge and an honor to just make music with her for the year or so I was in the choir. How fortunate I was, all of us were who experienced her great gift and gentle spirit. Let the wind blow through you Laura-- you are always in the music of the spheres- Desda Zuckerman

07-16-2008 1:16 AM -- By: bryan hodes,  From: San Rafael, ca  

We saw Laura solo  many times, from the Sleeping Lady

Cafe in Fairfax  many many years ago,  to  the Borders in San Rafael just a  few years ago. She will always be a star  and forever in my heart and soul. 

Bryan & Heidi Hodes

07-12-2008 8:27 PM -- By: Frankie Temple,  From: Berkeley  

 While we didn't see each other frequently, I worked closely with her mom, Nadine, and we regularly chatted about Laura's talent and love for music. She'll be deeply missed!


07-07-2008 11:17 PM -- By: Peter Montalbano,  From: Bangkok, Thailand  

I, too, used to go over to Laura & Dickens' place in Sleepy Hollow & jump, au naturel, bien sur, into that pool . . . and had the honor of playing with and listening to Laura many, many times in those days. She was a good friend, too, a wonderful bright spirit, who added so much light into the world. I wish I could have visited with her again before it was too late. For what it's worth, the night Gypsy sent the note about Laura's passing, I had a dream where she dropped in to say good-bye to me. At least in us, she lives on.

06-30-2008 10:39 AM -- By: Gay Chiappetta,  From: Alta Bates Cancer Center  

I had the honor of being Laura's nurse on several occasions.  She was a fighter and will be greatly missed. 

06-27-2008 6:58 PM -- By: Robert Dunn,  From: Honolulu Hawaii  

Laura Allan...Lovely Angel...Laura Pie...(because she made these magical vegetable pies...crust and all) when we lived together in Sleepy Hollow, where we would walk in the gate, take off our clothes, jump in the pool and leave all else behind......it was truly a magical time... with Dickens 44 Bascom the mosaic artist of decorated car and etc fame we were curators for the Unknown Museum (where Smith and Hawkins is now) in Mill Valley...where Mickey Mc Gowan nade handmade vegetarian shoes of Paisely for all the rock and jazz stars of the day...Laura and i went to music school at College of Marin together...then came the Faifax Street Choir days gigs at Marshall Tavern," The Lady" ... ..at her Larkspur house, hangin' with Bill Champlin...her Mill Valley house where she turned me on to Earh, Wind and Fire ...with my old friend surf/skate movie maker Jon Malvino...cruisin by Graham Nash's in the City to pick-up photog Joel Bernstein en route to the CSNY gig in Oakland in her blue VW convertible....we talked about death even back then, and how when we died we didn't want anything to hang us up...we planned to just grab our souls and fly...she wrote a song about that, and i know that;s just what she did. So glad i have a good long term memory for all the times,love and music of Laura...a star skateboarder too ! I;ll see you again Laura we'll sing again peace peace peace.......bob dunn

06-27-2008 1:07 PM -- By: Carolyn Gauthier,  From: Mill Valley  

 Sweet spirit, gentle soul, bright light, your music and your presence will be missed. Fond memories from the Sleeping Lady days will keep your music and spirit alive in my heart.

In harmony,



06-27-2008 4:54 AM -- By: Erik Moll,  From: Norway  

I lived in Marin 74-77 and was part of the Sleeping Lady scene with my band Happy Valley. We shared the stage with Laura several times and were on a compilation LP of Marin County artists with her called "Give Me Wings". She was a truly remarkable and very beautiful spirit, the embodiment of that free and magical era. Her performances took you out there in the most pure and ethereal manner. I used to run into her a lot back in those days and we became musical friends. An especially fond memory I have is jamming and trading songs with her one gorgeous Fairfax afternoon by the pool. I lost touch with Laura when she went to LA and I went back to Norway. She was an inspirational kindred soul and I'm very sad to hear she's already gone. Erik Moll

06-26-2008 4:21 PM -- By: Bethany Argisle,  From:  

Laura and I performed together in The Moment Museum I founded for children...she designed the turtle and we did several storyhours with her music.  I stayed at her house and was also a performer at The Sleeping Lady on the same shows with Laura and The Choir and so many others...I have a few b/w photos...when I saw her in Berkeley at Telegraph CD release party, she came off the stage to give me a hug, she was friends with David Crosby and that group and was then dating (now passed) Ethan Crosby, David's brother and we all spent magical times...

I love Laura always!

Bethany Argisle

06-24-2008 2:47 PM -- By: Isa Foulk aka Linda Haggerty,  From: Marin County, San Rafael, California  

What a beautiful light Laura gave to this world.I was in the Fairfax Street Choir and remember many great moments.  Puerto Rico comes to mind as an exceptional time when she played for the Puerto Rican people in a small village, she was playing the storm song as the clouds gathered and I'm sure the people felt she had some "magic". They had never heard anything ike her before and you could see the transformation on their faces as she played.

All I can think of now is that she is even more of an angel now and helping us all from the other side.

Please inform me if there is a memorial service for her.

Thank you,

Isa Foulk (also known as Linda Haggerty from the

Fairfax Street Choir Days)

06-24-2008 3:35 AM -- By: Robert Beall,  From: San Rafael  

I just heard 'Traction in the Rain' a few days ago for the first time and am in love with the autoharp playing, only a special soul could have done that.  Thank you.  Sleep in heavenly peace.

06-23-2008 2:08 PM -- By: Doris Chapman,  From: Marin (FFX Street Choir)  

Just thought I'd drop by to say how much we will all miss you, Laura, and the person you are, as well as your music.



06-23-2008 12:25 PM -- By: Pat Craig,  From: Marin/Sonoma  

True friends never say goodbye....



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