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Jeffrey Lambert

Memorial created 06-4-2008 by
Jeffrey Lambert
Laura Rachel Allan
February 1 1952 - May 19 2008

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04-06-2009 5:53 AM -- By: sammy,  From: Hong Kong  

03-11-2009 11:51 AM -- By: Thomra Kit Oxendine,  From: CA  

My father Fuzzy John Oxendine dated when I was a child in the 70's. I loved Laura aka Archie and thought of her often as I got older. She bought me my first skateboard and taught me how to use it but I could never do those handstands like her. I loved her, her music and her inner beauty. I will miss her deeply. I still hear her voice singing Hour of Darkness! She was a blessing of light and love on this earth to all those lucky enough to know her. Love Always Thomra

03-10-2009 10:24 PM -- By: john oxendine,  From:  

i love you archie!

01-22-2009 6:18 PM -- By: Alexander Hrach,  From: Vienna, Austria  

It must be 20 years since a friend introduced me to Laura's Music. Her records neither got any airplay in Austria, nor did I ever hear about her elsewhere again - it was just that one, that 20 year old memory, which made me look after her on the web. The beauty of her songs, and the beauty of her voice, is second to none - and as I find today, remained absolutely unaffected through time.... and it will never be forgotten again.

It's so sad to learn she is not with us anymore.

My regards and symphaties go to her family and all her friends.

12-15-2008 7:12 PM -- By: Alison Whitelaw,  From: Marin, now Amador County  

Hello Laura in Spirit,

You know how much your heart & music meant to me...

I was always so crystal clear, you were a gift from heaven.  And, I deeply respected your unending source of love & creative gifts.

You know I lost my twin John in July, 2008. You knew him for his astonishing gifts w the bass guitar, in probably as many  genres of style as yourself.

I will always remember the time we sat on the floor in your studio in Larkspur Canyon, flooded in sunlight, and light from our beings. And, the many times I sat transfixed at your performances.

I will fill my library with all your recordings. Thank you for being with us here for as long as you could be.

Having lost nearly all my own family, I believe there is a place where we will meet again.

Love & blessings from here to just there,





12-07-2008 6:49 PM -- By: Andy,  From: Holland  

I just hear the song Promises after some years ( maybe 20 years) again and wonder whats become with Laura's career.

Sorry to hear see passed away. My condolence to her family and friends

12-06-2008 6:24 AM -- By: Eric Scheim,  From: Northport  

It was the late 1970's or early 1980's and I first heard Laura singing at the Olympia Cafe where I worked in Northport , NY.  Her voice was like no other I had heard and I was entranced.  Laura and Mark were like the sister and brother  I never had and we kept in touch, so when I moved out to CA in 1986 they found me a room next door on Grizzly Peak in Berkeley.  I often would listen to the band rehearsals and always was amazed at Laura's talents.  Years later, I was near a beach one cold day in December, when I turned to see Joni Mitchell standing near me.  I turned and told her that we had something in common.  She said really? I said yes, Laura Allan!  Joni burst out laughing and for a few minutes we were chatting like old friends.  Laura will always be my angel in white, a dove flying towards the light.  Be free.....



12-05-2008 8:48 PM -- By: mario a. munguia,  From: san francisco  

how leisurely the

cherry blossoms bloom

this year, unhurried by their doom.

gone but never forgotten.

Mario A. Munguia

marioamunguia@comcast.net 415-724-1982


11-28-2008 1:48 PM -- By: carmen chan,  From: hong kong  

i know laura's song because one of the band in Hong kong has re-sung "silp and slide". i like "silp and slide" so much. it gives me courages to "clear a little place for my dreams"! it's sad to know that such a talented muscian has left us. i just want to say "thanks laura, thanks for your music!"

11-27-2008 10:16 AM -- By: Susannah,  From: Marin/Monterey County  

Dear Laura,

One day in 1973, as a new music student at the College of Marin, I walked into the student center and heard a beautiful sound coming from the corner of the upstairs which drew me like the music of Pan.  I walked upstairs and saw you and Joel Bernstein performing for a dozen or so people seated around you.  Sitting down to join them I was transfixed, and soon I had tears streaming down my face, tears of joy that such beauty and such music existed in the world.  Your music was cathartic, transforming, and I became a devoted fan, though always from a distance, even though we had friends in common.  A year later I began to play dulcimer, and your songs were a pleasure to learn and sing.  I saw every performance I could until I moved to Monterey County in 1983, and lost touch with you.  Then one day I went into the local Borders and discovered you had been there the evening before, performing, and some of your CD's of "Hold on to your Dreams" was sitting on a table.  I was so disappointed I had missed your performance, but delighted to find a new recording of you, and have occasionally surfed the internet to see what new music you might be making.  Now to find that you have walked that stairway to some deeper meaning, I am so sad that you have left us.  I send your family and friends my deepest sympathy, and I thank you for all you gave me.  Forever, with love,


11-18-2008 5:48 PM -- By: Lorin Rowan,  From:  

Very fond memories-super talented-will miss her.

11-18-2008 5:44 PM -- By: Lorin Rowan,  From: Mill Valley  

11-18-2008 12:40 PM -- By: chris rowan,  From:  

I just heard last night about Laura's passing.I am deeply saddened.I met her in 1970 in Marin when I was in my early 20's.I was moved by her beauty and musical talent,that smile and laugh,that joy she exuded when singing.It just seems like yesterday.She truly touched my heart.

11-10-2008 1:53 AM -- By: Wendy Gilbert,  From: Berkeley  

I also want to express my deep sympathy to Jeffrey (I met you when you were a little boy) and also Laura's family, for your loss. I know you feel her connected to you in your innermost being. In her life, it felt to me, that she expressed~ by her life, our connectedness as one in spirit, with joyous love and a beautiful adventurousness.

We joined in the long~time tradition of conga drumming, the african american circle on the U. of Ca. campus. She made herself at home there, quickly becoming an excellent drummer. I enjoyed drumming too, but not so easily or quickly did I learn! Because of her lead, I hiked 100 miles in the Sierras at age 18, with a group she'd found, led by a man who organized the Tahoe~Yosemite trail route. That would make a lovely story, and I'd love to write it..or tell it at the storytelling festival. Laura would encourage me to do anything I got in my mind to do, to follow my dreams.

Sincerely, Wendy

windwend@comcast.net 707 836 8845

11-10-2008 1:02 AM -- By: Wendy Gilbert,  From: Berkeley  

Laura, thank you for being my unconditionally loving friend ~having met at Berkeley High School in art class and having many adventures in the next few years. I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch, as you'd touched my soul. You helped me connect with the world and showed me your essence in life, which is so bright ~and way of meeting life, which is so friendly, with your full presence, so I honor the universe in you. Much Love, Wendy

11-05-2008 3:13 PM -- By: Kyle Alden Thayer,  From: San Anselmo, CA  

I knew Laura in the early 70s while a student at SWAS (School Within A School) at Drake High School, San Anselmo. Her lovely voice, dulcimer playing and great beauty left a big impression.  I am sorry to hear of her passing.  My condolences go out to her family.

10-25-2008 1:43 PM -- By: Nancy Goff,  From: Kirkwood, NY  

Laura was in and out of our lives for many years. The most memorable experience we had was a few years ago when she and my brother came to my daughter's wedding. They spontaneously joined the band which made for a lively reception. But ,best of all, was when Laura made a toast to the Bride and Groom. She stood on a beautiful sunny day, at an outdoor wedding, in total silence, holding a triangle in front of her and sang "Where is love...". I will always remember that beautiful, clear, sweet voice giving us the most wonderful gift of all. There were other moments to treasure that weekend. That was the last time I saw her.  I was glad to have known her. She was a loving, generous, gifted woman. I know she is still making music. How could it be otherwise?

10-20-2008 5:49 PM -- By: Mike Bettelli,  From: Seattle, WA  

I met Laura at a radio convention several years ago in

S.F.   She often called or e-mailed to promote her music and was always free spirited and friendly.   My wife & I enjoyed a show Laura sang and played at in a small venue in San Francisco.

Her legacy of music proves what an awesome talent she was.

10-10-2008 4:59 PM -- By: Billy Rader,  From: Mill Valley/Laurel Canyon/LA  

Laura was a rare flower.

That beautiful voice, that always joyous attitude, that wonderful wide open face that told   


you everything there was to tell about who and what she was.

I played with her and Mark for a while in LA.

Haven't seen either of them for several years but just her memory can make me smile.

Thank you for existing Laura. You had the Shining.

Love, Billy

10-10-2008 4:49 PM -- By: David Scott,  From: London, England/SF  

In the early 80's when I was working with David Crosby, David's first choice as an opening act for his solo tours was Laura Allan.  A sweet  lady, a professional musician and a pleasure to work with, i will always count her as one of my dear friends. She will be missed. 

10-10-2008 11:38 AM -- By: Gregory L "Duke" Dewey,  From: Yellow Springs OHIO  

bless that sweet girl/woman and her soft sweet voice and loving hands....duke

10-09-2008 11:41 PM -- By: Rick Blessing,  From: Los Angeles  

I never met Laura when I lived in Mill Valley but whenever her name came into conversation among friends it was always with affection for her person and admiration for her talent. We should all hope to be so well thought of.

Rick Blessing

10-05-2008 4:41 PM -- By: greg iverson,  From: los angeles  

I am so sorry to even be at this site, I knew laura and mark since 1988. I loved Laura and one of the best souls I have met. Always looking to better the reality, to smile on bad days and always full of love. The world is not as sweet without her and her smile, laugh and spirit will always be with me. She painted a flower design around my fireplace one day that took her all day, it is my only tangible reminder of her but will be there forever. I miss you and love you and off you go to a better place hopefully we meet again, your one of few I have that wish for.  greg

818-209-3745  jeffrey please call me

09-11-2008 10:56 PM -- By: Adil Saeed,  From:  

 Laura Allan proves that all the great musicians are not necessarily famous even though lesser musicians may be!

08-31-2008 10:40 PM -- By: Jan Shordike,  From: Berkeley  



Thank you for putting together such a nice memorial service for Laura. I go back to the ancient days with Laura hen you were a toddler and Laura and I were at Garfield (MLK Jr.) and West Campus. Then, she was "Laurie Allan," except to your mother, who always called her Laura. Some of the earliest adventures were around Strawberry Canyon. Your mother of course had faculty privileges to use the pools. Your mom had created a fictional extra kid, named 'Pat Lambert,'   so Laura could always bring a friend for free, either a girl or boyfriend. I was Pat Lambert many times, especially in the ninth grade.  Adventures continued, including those early trips to the fillmore and the Haight. By the summer of 1968, we had all discovered nature. Laura was part of our group- with Nancy Feinberg- that spent three weeks hiking the Tahoe- Yosemite trail from Meeks Bay in South Lake Tahoe to Tuolome Meadows.

Laura and I completely lost touch. The last time that I spoke with her was many years ago, although I played her albums. I admire her for the bold, brave way that she held on to her dreams.

Jeffrey, I hope that the time you had with Laura will enrich you forever. You were a special little boy. I was very pleased to see you as an adult, and I wish you every strength and good luck to help you navigate the years ahead for you.

With deepest sympathy,

Jan Shordike



08-26-2008 4:17 PM -- By: R.W.Padbury Jr.,  From: Chicago  

I found the first of Laura's albums in a trash can and thought that she was so pretty I would take it home and give it a listen...glad I did. I own them all now and find they can bring me out of even the downest of moods.

Laura was a great talent and, as I found, as beautiful inside as out.

She will be very missed

08-26-2008 3:28 AM -- By: Catherine (Peach),  From: Marin/FSC/Modesto  


So sad to hear of her passing. Although I haven't seen her since the late 70's(FSC Days), I remember her so well and always will remember her effect on me as a  younger(17yr old) aspiring musician.

I felt in awe of her, to me she was mysterious, wise beyond her years, and of course so creative, beautiful and talented. I aspired to be like her, because I looked up to her as someone so special and unique. And she was. This angel inspired me and was such a part of my world with the FSC, and my life in Marin during those years. Thank you Laura,

Such Precious times,

Go with God angel.


08-10-2008 12:16 PM -- By: Nancy Plum,  From: Lexington KY  

Sorry MARK GOULD, I mistakenly called you Michael--my apologies (that's what happens as you grow older I'm told you forget things, names, whatever.....)  Jeffrey we never met but my heart goes out to you and if you email me I'll email you some pictures of Laura from Berkeley 4/98.Nancy Plum

08-09-2008 11:24 PM -- By: Nancy Plum,  From: L.A. & Now Lexington KY  

I moved in next door to Laura Allan on Skyline Drive in 1996.  The funny thing was I had lived in the  same guest house she was living in with Michael back  in1978&1979!! One day I was walking my dog and heard her singing.  Was it live or memorex?  It was live.  I was blown away and we met and became fast friends!   I was creating a radio show featuring all female artists and wanted to feature her music.  She had a wonderful Christmas song that we got the Westwood One Radio Networks to play around the holidays and when Telegraph came out I tried to tell everyone I knew in the radio business about it.  One day we drove out to All Access's Malibu office to play some songs live.   Another time I saw her perform at the House of Blues and then I went up to visit her in northern California and hang out with her and her band.  We shared so many great laughs and stories and we traded clothes and just really bonded as girlfriends.   I lost track of Laura when I left L.A. in 2004 to care for my mom in the south.  My mom passed away and now I've moved closer to my cousins in Kentucky.   I am very saddened by the news of Laura's death and will always miss her.   I'm going to play her music on my radio show here in remembrance.  Love Nancy Plum


08-06-2008 6:23 PM -- By: Arielle,  From:  

Dearest Songbird, it was pure magic to hear you sing and watch you play. Always full of inspiration, you never stopped dreaming or creating art and music. Peace to your Sweet Spirit.

I was hugely blessed to have had the chance to know you.

To your brothers & other family members, my heartfelt sympathies.


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