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Jeffrey Lambert

Memorial created 06-4-2008 by
Jeffrey Lambert
Laura Rachel Allan
February 1 1952 - May 19 2008

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07-09-2017 3:51 PM -- By: Luca Rigato,  From: Italy  

02-17-2017 6:13 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hoy conocí a Laura Allan a través de sus canciones. También tomo conocimiento de su lucha contra el cáncer y de su desaparición física. Laura está presente en sus bellas canciones. Nice to meet you Laura.

02-02-2017 9:52 PM -- By: federico vincent,  From: argentina  

01-21-2017 7:51 AM -- By: Gareth Howell ,  From: London UK  

 I've only just discovered Laura's music through her association with Paul Horn on Reflections. I'd never of guessed that I could be so taken with the sound of the zither. Totally enchanted! 

11-25-2016 4:21 PM -- By: Josh,  From: New York  

A very sweet, good hearted person.

11-06-2016 4:56 AM -- By: DAN WHITTON,  From: BATHURST AUSTRALIA  

Sincere condolences on her passing away. Her music will live on.


09-09-2016 10:47 AM -- By: Ray Horsley,  From: St. Petersburg Florida  

 What a great musician Laura was.  I still listen to her recordings frequently.

06-10-2016 3:33 PM -- By: Marina,  From: Montreal  

03-23-2016 7:10 AM -- By: Sandro Mariot,  From: Italy  

Laura, I will spread your music all over Italy and beyond!!!

In Divine Friendship

Sandro Mariot

03-23-2016 7:04 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Just now that I was starting to know Her, I found out She is gone!!! I'm so sad. But, She is still with us and with all the people who know Her... forever. Goobye beautiful Soul, I'll see You in the astrals realms. In Divine Love

Sandro Mariot

03-20-2016 7:56 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Thinking of you today on the Vernal Equinox. I went to hear David play the other night and couldn't stop thinking of you through the whole show. Wish you could've been his opener... although I know you're serenading the angels now. Thank you for all the blessings of love and light you gave, may your spirit be enjoying your award in Heaven now. Your "Little Flower" Arielle XOXOXO 

11-29-2015 3:48 AM -- By: Dennis Proffitt,  From: Michigan  

Laura is a iconic legend in her style and art of creation in her special brand of folk an amazing artistic genius in all that she did.Gone too soon Love and blessings forever ∞ Peace ∞

05-08-2015 11:58 PM -- By: Chris Collins,  From: El Cerrito, CA  

So sad. Lost touch with her a million years ago. Don't remember how we met. El Cerrito High School. The bits and pieces that stay with you after so many years. I was new and she was a friend to me. How she taught me the Kalimba. As she played, the music came from her eyes and into my soul. I remember having a bamboo flute someone made that had holes put in the wrong places. It wouldnt play and it was cracked. She fixed it wrapping it with thread and covering the extra holes. My flute and the kalimba still sit on my bookcase. My memories of whimsical mystical Laura...safe in my heart.




03-16-2015 10:05 AM -- By: Paul Ricketts,  From: Yatesbury, England  

 Sorry to hear of your loss - I get more and more out of playing her albums as time goese on - now hearing her on this memorial just voice and dulcimer and I'd love to hear a whole albums worth like that - if there are more recordings solo, it'd be wonderful to make them available.  If I can help, I've no working e-mail, but have some contacts and can be reached at The Old Schoolhouse, Yatesbury, near Calne, Wilts. SN11 8YE.  United Kingdom. Bet she's busy serenading the angels.

03-08-2015 3:01 PM -- By: chris rowan,  From: marin, sonoma county  

met her in Feb. 1970 at a house known at the time as The Russian Embassy in San Geronimo, Marin County.She shared the house with a few other people.My first trip to California from Boston Massachusettes.Was taken by her beautiful singing voice.Still think of her and what a shame she's not still alive, for she was a "light" of love and harmony.

02-06-2015 12:22 AM -- By: Tonee,  From: Fairfax  

 Laura was very beautiful and kind,and her early music at the"Lady"..rocked my world! I will never forget her. Love from Tonee

01-09-2015 4:37 PM -- By: Marc Paige,  From: NYC  

I first encountered Laura's music when I purchased a copy of her first album. I think it was in a bargain bin. Anyway, upon listening to it I was astounded by the skill of her musicianship and the touching, intimacy of her songs,playing and voice. Many years later I got Spotify and for some reason recalled her name and did a search. Once again I had access to her first album. With a few searches on Amazon and Ebay I came across two other albums of hers. I've just gotten Telegraph and enjoyed it immensely. I can't understand why Laura never became a household name.

12-10-2014 10:52 PM -- By: Heather,  From: Washington  

 I am really sorry that you lost Laura Rachel Allan.

Love Heather

12-04-2014 2:54 PM -- By: creekwalker,  From: Inverness  

i feel compelled to add to these musings. my recollections of Laura Allan are from the College Of Marin and the county of an earlier era. in reading these tribuites i have rarely seen the word Angel used so often. i would like to add Fairy, because she was made of finer stuff than i have rarely seen. i was a new student and in the Music Department at COM. as a young man it was hard not to notice her. she was like the dream/fantasy girlfriend. one who also sang  played wrote built and more. but in meeting her i realised soon that she was evloved so beyond me on so many planes of existience, there was no risk of a broken heart. she was Lovely, Gracious and Talented! i would say she was the superstar of that epoch. i reccognize a few names here from those times. i understood her to migrate towards southern california to persue her talents. as some have stated that her fame and fortune do not seem equal to the light that shined is another mystery. it must be a very tricky business for the Great Spirit to endow a creature with so much. it will haunt me that to know of her life is but memories we have to share. i bow low and deep to a soul i briefly knew. who made me and my world a better place. and acknowlege at this late date what it must be like for those close to her. Namascar PEACE

11-26-2014 12:33 AM -- By: allan,  From: bolinas  

 my heart strings sing out so high and flood my eye

07-11-2014 3:34 PM -- By: Bill & Pat Hatchel,  From: Hayward CA  

 What a talent, what a loss, but luckily for the world, she did not hesitate to share her talents and work with others to create wonderful songs, instrumentals, and so on for us to Treasure. And thru the miralce of recording tech and the internet, her fame can only continue to grow to levels she may not have ever imagined. We have lived in Bay Area since 1970 but somehow never managed to see her perform live - alas...


12-30-2013 7:19 PM -- By: Wendell Elam,  From: Oalkand, CA  

I'm Wendell-  I felt Laura in my heart today and found this memorial for the first time.  I am fortunate to have met her in this life, in my life.  Her artistry is inspiring and uplifting as is her spirit-  Thank You Laura, God Bless you and your family.

11-29-2013 6:19 PM -- By: KC Anderson,  From: Bali, Indonesia  

Laura ~ I knew her so slightly yet that knowing was so special. Such a beautiful lady whose spirit impacted me greatly. I am sad for all of us at our loss and take joy in knowing that we have been lucky and so fortunate in having been graced by her being in our lives.

11-22-2013 7:03 PM -- By: Lachlan,  From: Bedford, NH  

No love given goes unanswered. Ever.

10-27-2013 11:30 PM -- By: Michael Moses,  From:  

 So sorry to hear about Laura's passing.Thought I would browse for old friends and was shocked by the discovery. I remember falling in love with her presence (who didn't) at tne Sleeping Lady Cafe in Fairfax while celebrating my 21st birthday in 1973. May her spirit continue to shine for always...

08-31-2013 4:23 AM -- By: Anshu Bhowmik,  From: New Delhi India  

 Really loved your music Laura

08-28-2013 12:36 AM -- By: MC,  From: New England, USA  

I just came upon Laura's music, and I am so grateful for the beauty she has given our world. Thank you, Laura, your music lives on and still touches people.

08-27-2013 4:31 PM -- By: Johnc,  From: London  

06-18-2013 1:58 AM -- By: adam smith,  From: vista california  

 I am sorry 2 hear of your passing. Your music inspired and gave me life and enchantment in darkness. My mom played your record for me while i would lay in my crib. I thank u from the bottom of my heart as I had hoped to thank you in person one day for the beauty that you brought to our world. With all my love and thanks - ADAM MIGUEL SMITH born 8-12-1980

12-30-2012 4:19 PM -- By: Tim Tuhehay,  From: The Netherlands  

I have just learned of Laura's passing today. Twenty odd years ago I found a mix tape of one of my parents, the songs promises, slip'n slide away , opening up to you, where my favourites. back then I was only 13 years old and not a native English speaker. Nevertheless her voice, songs and sound never let me go. Just a few years ago I found out who was on the flip side of the Christopher cross mix tape. It was Laura Allan. I bought the cd in Japan and had it shipped to me, I still listen to her songs often and still get the same feeling like I did so many years before! Love your music Laura! RIP...

Tim, Utrecht (the Netherlands)


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